A sustainable, green lifestyle in the Warehouse District of Minneapolis

We take sustainability seriously at Soltvå. Our green apartments in the North Loop of downtown Minneapolis include:

passive solar design

brings the sunshine into your home while keeping down your heating bills in winter

led and fluorescent lighting systems

our state of the art lighting systems minimize costs while providing a cozy glow

high efficiency full size washers, dryers in every unit

use less detergent and less water while helping make your favorite pair of jeans last longer

garage bike parking

make your commute easy with easy and secure bike parking

nice ride bike station

like a good friend, Nice Ride bikes are always there when you need them...hop on and explore!

green roofs at terraces

join the birds and bees as you enjoy our tranquil garden rooftop retreat in the heart of the city

rain barrel irrigation system

our rooftops capture the water that nourishes our plantings, helping to recharge the aquifer and prevent storm runoff

provides for healthy walls, healthy lives, superior air quality

a white membrane roof for energy efficiency

helps cool our little urban oasis while also reducing the need for more electricity to run our air conditioners

organic trash disposal

integrated into every floor of the building, allowing you to conveniently live what you believe

walk to everything

walking distance to downtown, Mississippi River, Target Field, shops, and the region’s best restaurants

car share everywhere

live car free, have a car when you need it. Car2go, HourCar, ZipCar are all in your neighborhood

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